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an ABCD list

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Hello there! I am back briefly. This is one of the last requests I got from work.

Most of the songs in the list are incredible. No need to explain how much

we’ve melted over Sia’s voice, Got tearful with the Rolling Stones, how much

we’re so plseased with Foster the People and how much we let go and just danced

over Justice music.

I will be try my best to be back to this blog.

Meanwhile I wish you a great evening!




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I love this woman. All the emotions in her voice, although I don’t understand what she says. She’s an expert in Morna music, which is widely considered the national music of Cape Verde. I do have somehow the feeling the it as to do with mourning. Her voice has the elements of longing for something lost. I find it strange that we have built structres for loss more than love, or when we are happy. hehe probably I’m wrong.



Cesaria Evora (i)


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mabe a poem, not so sure. some friends leave me crazy napkins. I don’t know what to do with all of that, so i might as well include it here. hehe we have a habit in Beirut, you’d meet friends or just random people who would ask you, “may i write a poem about you?”.  it’ s a strange situation, especially that you start feeling the obligation of posing like you are posing for a painter, while somebody else is either looking at you and writing you, or just asking you to wait so that he can give the poem. usually it’s not a napkin :] lol



Siouxsie and Love Affair

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Hercules & love affair get often requested. But the unusual here here Siouxsie and the Banshees. Yup, they’re in the house, some people know them in Lebanon. This request while posting right now, makes me want to go back from my 2 weeks vacation from DJing, find that person who will make similar requests, and kiss them on the forehead : ]

‘Siouxie has a really unusual voice. Siouxsie Sioux and Steven Severin met at a Roxy Music concert at a time when Glam Rock had faded and there was nothing new coming through with which they could identify’

you can read all the beautiful resume on

Siouxsie Sioux, My Father's Place, NYC Nov. 1980

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a silver mt. zion

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Finally some good request, I was giving up on the quality of requests in Beirut. Actually I don’t blame nobody so much on this. The general idea is that we must play mostly commercial music anywhere. It doesn’t only apply to Lebanon. Even in the most indie concerts I’ve been to, instead of hearing something punk or just noisy directed music, I end up hearing the same old Bloc Party dance-morphed song.  Nobody can deny this and I really have nothing against Bloc Party :] anyway this is a damn good request.

Silver Mt Zion – Horses in the Sky
A Silver Mt. Zion – Blown-out Joy From Heaven’s Mercied Hole

Scott Levine Gilmore, Thierry Amar, Ian Ilavsk...

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Super Freak

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Such a delightful song don’t you think? Check the lyrics, apparently we got a very

liberated girl, trouble clash with mothers who often come from older worrying

generations. She is even liberated sexually, chooses her mates. She’s even interesting

enough for him to say “The kind of girl you want to know From her head down to her

toenails”. yet you can sense the musician’s way of thinking, which is a little old style

now, a little misogynist. He even ends the song in a really bad way, by insisting that

he took her from the street, asking her to do oral sex on him. The idea that he used the

word Freak in a positive way in most parts of the song, is excellent. Because Nowadays

everybody is a legal freak and that’s OK really because this is is our modern society

that we have to accept don’t you think? anyway check the song, I know you most

probably know it by heart.

Rick James – Super Freak